1928 - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Fashion / 17.12.2014

IMG_5826Hello LafiesI was happy to be contacted by a The Mint Julep Boutique recently, as they have lovely styles that both fit my taste, as well as satisfy our interest in some of the hottest trends this season.With fur vests, plaid in dresses and shirts, stylish boots and booties, and some faux leather skirts and jackets, many items are on trend and very flattering to the figure. This lace dress, the Juliet was definately ME, so I chose it, You can find it here. You all know I love lace, and I wanted a LBD, so this was the right choice.
Uncategorized / 28.07.2014

IMG_3428and the livin' is easy! Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high. Oh, my Daddy's rich, and my ma is good lookin', so hush, little baby don't you cry... If you aren't sure why I am talking this way it is from the amazing production of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess my husband and I saw last weekend
Uncategorized / 11.06.2014

Hello Lovely ladies,Well again it has been a nice sunny day here in Huntersville, NC. Sunny, and about 90 degrees. I don't usually go to the mall, as I think the last time I really liked malls was when I was a teenager. I find myself to be more efficient and comfortable at home, shopping on-line. However, we decided I would try on a skirt at Ann Taylor, and look around a bit, while my husband entered The Drop Off Zone.  This is that area that husbands frequent while their wives shop. There are sections of the mall devoted to...

Uncategorized / 19.05.2014

          Hello everyone! I think everyone knows at this point I like wine. I used to get the gallon Franzia in a box in college. Then it was zinefindel which I do like, but have gone to a couple of tastings to know what i like.  Who doesn't enjoy a crisp, cold glass of pinot grigio in the spring/summer months? My husband and I went to this new Tapas ad Wine Bar called Bacchus Tapas and Wine, here in our neighborhood. It was nice to sit...