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Fashion, Link Up / 12.02.2019

 "Let them eat cake!"I can hardly believe it is 5 years! I have been writing and creating content nearly 3 times a week for that long! Well, when I started, it was 4 fashion posts and week, and that has changed as  Elegantly Dressed and Stylish has evolved into a fashion and Midlife blog. I decided Fridays were the day to write on any topic of interest, many of them being Midlife concerns.
Fashion, Link Up / 31.10.2017

 Hello friends Happy Halloween!  Some Halloween decor was the best I could do this year. I have been recuperating from the Asheville trip, so I will look forward to seeing your costumes if you dress up.  I had dry needling yesterday and didn't want to really dress up as the human pin cushion .  We did have  so much fun as kids though,  as my mom made all of our costumes. So, since there are no tricks this year, I decided to bring you a "Treat" and introduce you to a Luxury accessories brand out of the UK,  BLACK.
Fashion, Link Up / 26.01.2016

IMG_0491Hello LadiesWe meet again for  #turningheadstuesday. I I have been thinking about blog goals and topics and plan on doing some new things this year.  I am looking to have a series called "Pinterest Interest" where I try to emulate a Pinterest look. I know many of you love Pinterest and one could easily spend time perusing the boards for inspiration. I have other ideas in mind, budgeting on $150 a month, and hubby likes to laugh or is it cringe when I say, I am spending my $150 allotment!. Just the word "Allotment" conjures up the idea of money for chores or..very rigid spending.. I know that sounds like very little to some, but it allows me to "shop smart". More on that. You all know I love my handbags and these are investments, or something I spend more on, and they are usually gifts, or I will save for a couple of months. I also am a member of the Purse Forum, and if you are and post, after a certain amount they will verify the authenticity of a bag, as I have bought on Ebay, Poshmark etc.
Uncategorized / 04.01.2016

IMG_0265Hello ladies!Welcome to 2016! I partied hard! It is amazing I am able to type this blog post. No, everyone! ahaha! I am sure you know me a bit by now, to know that I am not a party till the break of dawn-drink champagne until I fall over kind of girl! You all know I have to take meds for my illness, so if I make it up until midnight, it is amazing! Well, I did. We enjoyed a New Years Eve with the pups, drank champagne, ate sushi and watched the ball drop. My girl, Truffles shakes and gets so scared with fireworks, we try and calm her down. She stays awake all night just staring out the window, waiting for the next big boom! We had a good time though. Midnight rolls around, we say, Happy New Year, and I think by 12:03, I am in bed.
Fashion, Link Up / 03.12.2015

Hello Ladies,Today is My Refined Style Linkup, happy to host and bring you my collaboration with JORD watches. I have collaborated with them before HERE, wearing my favorite Cora watch and was pleased to work with them again. I love the beautiful stylings of their #woodenwatches and I loved the Rosewood style I am sharing with you today. This cherry colored watch along with the natural wood grain and stunning cherry watch face inspired me to put together this outfit I am wearing today. The plum, red, burgundy families are all very popular colors and I wanted to incorporate this pop of...