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Fashion / 16.01.2017

 Hello Friends!I hope you had a wonderful, warm and cozy weekend. I had a medical procedure I won't go into, other than to say, everyone should get it done when they are 45, every 10 years. I always get nervous during these exams, but surprisingly didn't need a bit of valium to calm me. The anesthesiologist  said " I will take a nice nap" and off to sleep I went! Boy, if I could only sleep like that at night! So, that was my bit of fun! Otherwise, I went to the gym, along with everyone and their mom who...

Uncategorized / 13.07.2015

IMG_7877Hello LadiesI hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I know one of the trends this season is an all white look. I truly think it is a trend each summer, but it does not make me desire this look any less. Wearing all black in the summer is tough, let's face it, when it is 95 degrees and the sun is beating down, black is probably the color I choose least in the summer months, excluding the LBD. However, white, its cool, fresh, light air about itself, draws me in. Something fresh and clean about an all white look.
Uncategorized / 13.03.2015

IMG_6627TGIF!Do you wake up and say to your significant other, "Good Morning"! or do you slowly make your way to the bathroom, and mumble under your breath, "Morning'?  What does this have to do with my post you say? Not much, I just like to get to know my lovely readers a bit more as time goes on. Today I am wearing a vintage inspired rose print jacket by Anthropolgie.
Fashion / 05.12.2014

IMG_0511 (Custom)TGIF LadiesI hope you are looking forward to the festivities for the upcoming Holiday. I have all of my Christmas shopping done as I shop almost all online, and I wrap the gifts as well. These pics today are a little smaller than what you are used to , as this was from Nov of last year's Asheville's trip. I am a bit sore from my PT the other day, so I wanted to make sure I shared some of my photos with you. Since that time you all know I have increased my photo size so these are a little smaller. In the upcoming weeks, I will be showing you some Holiday Dressed Up outfits, and how to dress up your jeans for the season as well.  I look forward to showing you my several Black Friday purchases where I did show alot of restraint!
Fashion / 10.09.2014

IMG_4246Hello Ladies!Happy Wednesday. My hubby and I took our needed time to recoup from the trip, and went out to our favorite place to take the pups, Barkdale,  known to non-dog owners as "Birkdale", a cute shopping center, with a wine bar where "everybody knows our name."
Uncategorized / 21.07.2014

IMG_3315 Hello Ladies!I don't know where the idea came from, that red heads shouldn't wear red. I tend to disagree. Perhaps the shade of red should be considered, as the orangy red may not be as flattering on fair skin tones, but I love a rich red in both clothes and cosmetics. This dress is one that I take out when the weather is about high 90s! Woah, that is what it has been here. It is one thing when it is that hot, but when the humidity matches, and you walk out of your house feeling like the heat can be cut through, then you know it is too hot.