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Fashion / 06.08.2018

 Morning friends!I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as we delve into summer a bit more.  This is always the time of year where I start to crave Fall clothes and shoes, so I got a bit of a head start and found some amazing sales. I wrote about Things i Love About Summer in this post,  as it isn't over yet!  Speaking of summer, this is a fun and casual look from LOFT that I put together, as I love red and halter tops are the thing when the heat is on!
Fashion / 13.06.2016

IMG_7703IMG_7713Hello Everyone, and Happy Monday.I promise you I am not complaining. I am just stating a fact when I say it was 96 degrees when we took these pictures. I am a woman who spends about 10-15 minutes on makeup, having it down to a science and basically figure it is going to melt away on my face by the time we get to take the photos anyway. I love YSL's Eclat Primer, as it does an excellent job of making my foundation ( Dior Nude Air) glide on smoothly and evenly, but as temps get hotter, I use this and a dab of foundation, but find that a lipstick is what holds up for these warmer months. I am going to be featuring shorts this week on the blog, and if you are over 40 and want to wear shorts, just do it! There are plenty of lengths and styles to choose from.Today we went to Childress Vineyards, just my hubby and I , as they do not permit furry friends on the premises, and frankly it was too hot for them. The grounds are beautiful and there was quite a crowd. A duo played "oldies" with guitar and upright bass, in an indoor pavilion, and we enjoyed the peach/strawberry Sangria an ice cold refreshing drink. So good in the summer, I need to make my own!
Fashion / 10.06.2016

summeressentialsHello LadiesHappy Weekend! Well,  since the heat is on , I thought it time to put together a list to get one started on some summer essentials. Swimsuits purchases may be made easier by mixing and matching tops and bottoms, or seeing what best suits us. Anyhow, I picked some items that I either have or would be needing for the Summer Months.  Although, not particularly fashion, sunscreen is a must! Gone are my days of being a teenager and horrifyingly using baby oil to get a "tan" ( Read: Burn!) With fair skin, or without, sunscreen is essential to keep one's skin healthy . I hope you enjoy my list to get you started with the summer months! These are just a few things to get one started on their summer needs.
Fashion, Link Up / 07.06.2016

 IMG_7597IMG_7593IMG_7608IMG_7605IMG_7619IMG_7615 IMG_7607Hello Ladies!Glad you are here for Turning Heads Tuesday. Another hot day! I am not complaining, but maybe I need to do a "How to Make Pictures Look Great Even with Sweat Pouring Down Your Back" Post!  That is not me today, but I am just preparing for the summer to come. Ha!  Today was another score from H&M. They do have some fun fashions this year, and I couldn't resist the rust color. Ok, that and the off the shoulder fashion. And the two slits in the front to add some sexiness and self-imposed air conditioning.  I bought this during  the Memorial Day weekend sales for $30 shipped.
Fashion / 31.07.2015

 51MwOdQ0fiL._SX300_Hello Ladies!Last Day of July. Hard to is that time of year for back to school and the closer I get to August, I start to think, soon there will be cooler weather However, I am getting this pink flamingo for the pool. I just HAVE too!  I saw it on IG and either want it or the white swan! So I will take up 1/3rd of the pool with it, but  a girls gotta do , what a girls gotta do!  I wanted to take today to share with you some of my favorite outfits from July as the month did seem to go by as well as some of my Instagram Favorites from recent.