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Fashion / 21.11.2014

IMG_5599HI Ladies, TGIF! I bet with this title you think I was referring to 19 Crimes of Fashion! Perhaps I am, maybe I am not? What would those be anyhow? I can think of a couple off hand. Stirrup pants in the 80s. White socks and sandals on Men.Painted on Jeans. Exaggerated Parachute pants. Acid Wash Jeans. However, maybe I am speaking of something else?...
Fashion / 19.09.2014

 IMG_4432 TGIF!! I don't know about you, but I am ready for the weekend. The past few days I haven't felt the best, but this was one of the good days, so we decided to go to lunch at a lovely restaurant by the Lake, which we haven't been to in awhile, North Harbor Club. It was still quite warm this day, but I threw caution to the wind and wore my favorite faux leather skirt!
Fashion, Places / 01.09.2014

IMG_4003 Hello Ladies, This is Part II of my Charleston Beach vacation trip,This mural was in an Art's District so I had to get a pic. I wear very little makeup, pack very light, and in this heat have my hair up in each picture. So you may have to bide your time in waiting for my red curls It was all about being comfy and cool.. If you missed Part I of my Charleston Trip click HERE. and Happy Labor Day!
Uncategorized / 12.02.2014

 I don't know about you,but I am not exactly into the over-priced Valentine's Day dinner, where at any other time, the $80 meal per person, might be $35.Okay, am exaggerating. However, I do like a good bottle of Malbec, Tempranillo, or some other delicious dry red to make the evening. So, I say celebrate either the day before Valentines, if you want to go out to eat somewhere special, or get a very good bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, then stop at Whole Foods to bring home some other yummy appetizers. The other great thing you can do, if you don't go...