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Fashion, Link Up / 22.11.2016

 img_0056Hello friends!It is such a busy time of year! I am in charge of buying the gifts and I am doing most of my shopping online as always.  We had a good time working on Christmas pictures with the puppies in their Santa suits .We are giving some framed photos as gifts. I am getting excited about seeing my mom and family in Pittsburgh, as we are going there for Christmas. Today I am sharing my outfit styled with burgundy and olive. Jodie, from JTouchofstyle and I collaborated to bring you looks paired with burgundy. See her fashion interview here.
Fashion, Link Up / 03.03.2016

 Hello Ladies!Welcome to My Refined Style Linkup, as we welcome in March! Hard to believe, but I am ready, so ready for spring. I do love sports, but I have never been a snow bunny or enjoyed skiing. When people ask me if I am good at skiing, I say, "No, I am good at falling." So, I will stick to what I know. I am better at dressing for the cold! I did have a coat on in addition to what I am wearing today, but wanted to share with you my love of sweater dresses and one of...

Fashion / 11.01.2016

Hello LadiesI hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Ours was fun, as is anytime there is wine tasting involved. That time of year for red wines, my favorite being dry and smooth. I have yet to find a Malbec I don't enjoy, and along those lines, I also love both Tempranillo and Granache. Pinot Nior is still a delicious favorite, and a pretty safe bet as well. I love to try new wines, learn about the regions and experience new flavors. I wouldn't say my palette is developed to the point where I can say, " I smell a hint of...

Fashion / 28.12.2015

 IMG_0062IMG_0125Hello LadiesI hope you had a wonderful Christmas vacation! We did, and i will share some pics here and there of the pups and our tree. Santa was good to me, and all of us. I think back of all of the memories I  have, and it seems we need a larger tree due to all of the ornaments we collect and give at Christmas time. Truffles and Gibson went crazy over their doggie stocking as I had put in bags of Zuke Salmon treats, squeaky balls and toys. Santapaws brought them coats to, and those pics will come later, as the weather even on Christmas day was 72 degrees!! I have yet to wear a winter coat in NC. Hubby was sick part of the day, but it was a nice relaxing time as well and I look forward to reading about your Holiday.Today, I am excited to bring to you another post of me styling this wonderful jewelry by Mother and Daughter team, Sylca Designs. This burgundy shell layered necklace caught my eye and as I continued to look, I kept coming back, as  i love the bold look and of course, the color,  made from eco-friendly material, in this case, shells. It is a piece that can be worn dressy, in such a manner that i am sharing here, or just as easily with jeans and a blouse, a bit more dressed down. The earring match, and they have the weight of metal but are made just like the necklace.
Fashion / 23.11.2015

 IMG_9822Hello Ladies, I hope you all had a great weekend, as the Holidays draw nearCan I tell you about my "fun times" as of late!  LAST Thursday morning, it seems in the wee hours, there was a Crawler scouring my site. . lets just say it did it enough to cause the CPU usage to skyrocket and have my site down.. I right away think "hacker!" what do you want with a fashion blog? Arent their more interesting things to do with your time.. well fast forward about an hour and hubby solves the mystery Yes , he is my awesome  computer nerd!  Brilliant! So my computer, in fact, did not get hurled out the window or anywhere else I might decide, as patience is not my virtue. So.... I  wll move on!