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Fashion, Link Up / 27.06.2017

Hi Friends! Well, it is officially summer and it is HOT! in NC. This is the time of the year that there are usually two choices: air conditioning or pool! I hope you had a great weekend. We spent part of it at the Charlotte Symphony outdoor concert, where it was Broadway night. I loved the songs from "Grease" as I had the album and remember acting it out with my girlfriend. ( I was Sandy, she was Danny :-) ). They also played songs from Les Miserables, one of my favorites being, "I Dreamed a Dream". Today I am talking about bright summer colors.
Fashion, Link Up / 20.06.2017

 Hello Ladies, I am bringing something I am excited about today. On Monday, I talked about what to wear when going out to dinner when vacationing at the Beach. Today, it's all about what I am wearing while at the beach! I was recently introduced to this Luxury brand from the U.K, Rose Fulbright. She has been featured in all of these impressive magazines and I will tell you this designer had me interested from the get-go with her hand painted designs and love for vintage styles. Her items are stylish, classic and are of amazing quality, which is what I look for in garments I add to my wardrobe." In 2015 Rose launched the Tropical Collection of silk lounge wear, which quickly became the brand's best-selling range. She has been featured by British Vogue, The Telegraph and Lucia Van Der Post, among others. I will be sharing with you the beautiful Tropical print Beach Robe I had chosen from this collection today, as I share more about the company.
Fashion, Link Up / 06.06.2017

 Hello Ladies,First I want to thank you for the well wishes last week. We had a great time at my relatives house and the weather was just right most days. It was a nice change of pace and visit. I'm trying to get a bit caught up on the blog, as when I take a break, I do like to stay off the computer and only post on certain socials, giving me some "time off". I styled  a more casual look yesterday and wrote about how a piece of statement jewelry can amplify a casual look. I have chosen one of my favorite pieces of bling to style this dressy look today.
Fashion, Link Up / 30.05.2017

Hello Friends!I hope your weekend was enjoyable and you are getting some nice weather. It has been pretty hot here as of late, a bit of a heat wave in the high 80s. I enjoy sitting out on our deck int he morning to write and enjoy my coffee. I've been experiencing some difficult days with pain, so I'd like to let you know I will do my best to comment and do as much as I can. We are at my hubby's parents house to visit and for a change of environment, and will be back soon.
Fashion, Link Up / 23.05.2017

 Hello Ladies,I hope everyone had a nice weekend. It has been pretty warm here in Charlotte, our pool is open ( has opened since April 30) and the temps have climbed to 90s some days. I was recently contacted by Leota, a company I have collaborated with before HERE, and was happy to choose this dress, the Skyler Maxi in Water Lily  from their Spring 2017 line. I love the bright colors, the fabric, the ease of dress and the non-wrinkle factor.  I'll be visiting my husband's family this week, ( road trip) so I'll do my best to visit and comment when I can.
Fashion, Link Up / 16.05.2017

Hello LadiesI hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother's Day! We have been busy around the house and planning a summer vacation! In a bit we will be visiting my hubby's parents in PA so that will be a nice change in scenery. We are thinking of going to Tybee Beach and seeing Savannah!I love the history, the Southern Charm and of course, a new natural beach to go to.It has been pretty cloudy and rainy this week, but that doesn't stop me from wearing some of my favorite trending looks. Today I am wearing an off the shoulder lemon top  and a pair of new espadrille gladiator sandals from Franco Sarto. Fruity fashions are on trend right now, from watermellon epadrilles and handbags to fruit themed tops and dresses.
Fashion, Link Up / 09.05.2017

Hello Friends,Well, we had a Dog Day Afternoon at Raylen Vineyards on the weekend, when we attended the Dog and Drinks event, benefiting the Humane Society. Gibson was so excited when we got there, as he pulled on his leash to get to see other dogs. Truffles hid behind my hubby's pant leg- thinking " doggy overload!: I, however, was in my element! Pups and wine, two of my favorite things! This outfit for today was something I put together for Sunday, I wasn't about to wear white jeans at a vineyard with dogs :-)
Fashion, Link Up / 02.05.2017

 I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a better weekend and it seems things are improving coming of my medication. That and getting dry needling treatments are what are my saving grace.  Today I decided to put together a layered outfit of earth tones with rust, browns, gold and wooden accessories. I am wearing a pair of sunglasses by Winkwood.   You  may be familiar with  Winkwood as Emma has the same pair and Dawn and Grace have the round style. This style of pink, zebrawood and carved leaves is known as Autumn Tale.