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Fashion, Link Up / 04.08.2016

 Whats on your Summer Bucket List? Is there something you want to do that you haven't yet?Let's see.. I have gone on a 60 foot schooner sailboat,  been to the Summer Pops Symphony series, went to the Outer Banks where I saw Wild Horses as well as going to a beach I've never been to before. We are going to rent a boat sometime in August when the pups in their little life jackets can go with us and the heat isn't unbearable. Just getting ready to go out soon...

Fashion, Link Up / 02.08.2016

IMG_8316Hello ladiesWho doesn't love to sleep in on some lazy Sundays? Whether its with the girlfriends or your significant other, going to brunch, for me, is always a fun way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon! Mmmm. Visions of strawberry pancakes and mimosas dancing in my head. My husband and I love to try different places here in Charlotte and one of those for brunch is Bonefish Grill. I most often get a peach belinni with my eggs benedict or  a spot o" tea with my strawberry pancakes. So today,  I took out my hot rollers as the heat generally makes my fine hair just fall, but keep them in for 15 minutes and it curls like a charm.. Off to brunch!
Fashion, Link Up / 05.07.2016

IMG_7918IMG_7931Hello Ladies!I hope those in the US that celebrated the 4th of July, had a great day! My poor pup, Truffles was up all night as our neighboorhood let of fireworks, then there was a storm! She gets very anxious and shakes. I felt so bad, yet she had to endure 2 nights of this ( Sunday and Monday). Gibson, my boy can sleep through anythingOn to today. I have always liked a Safari look. Not that I am picturing myself out in the African wilderness, hunting wild boar. No, thank you very much. I will be safe in the comfort of my own home wearing  outfit #2 the khaki dress I styled differently. I love the khakis, olive greens, rust shades that are so often associated with this style. Last week,  I paired this khaki shirt dress, light and airy, with my new espadrilles from Zara, a woven brown straw clutch, and this wonderful jewelry in burgundy by Sylca Designs. I have worked with this mother/daughter team before and they always have such unique and stylish pieces.
Fashion, Link Up / 28.06.2016

IMG_7812Hello Ladies,After seeing all of the cute shirt dresses out there, and my fondness for the safari or looks with khakis, brows, other neutrals I wanted to put together my first look with my Khaki shirt dress, styling it several ways, this week and then next. The espadrilles I am wearing were a pair from Zara that truly caught my eye.. I have been tempted by all of the cute styles out there. The dress was a steal, and I bought it online last year. I am making a note, after the fact, that a comment was mentioned about it wrinkling for them, as she had the same dress. Yes! So, if you sit in a car, and want to go somewhere or take pics in it, I know this sounds silly, but I bring Downy "Wrinkle Releaser" and spray it after I get out, then smooth it out. I iron it before I wear it, but yes, it is tricky!
Fashion, Link Up / 21.06.2016

IMG_7726Hello LadiesWelcome to Turning Heads Tuesday! June is going fast and there is much going on next month to look forward to. Birthdays, Anniversaries, vacation.. etc.I am looking forward to it! Today I am bringing you this amazing shirtdress/tunic I first saw on Annette, and loved the soft color palette as well as the trendy safari look that is big in fashion right now. As the temps increase, as they are in NC, I like comfortable, light fabrics with breathability. This dress is very light and so easy to wear. Let's just say I love shopping on Zara!
Fashion, Link Up / 14.06.2016

Hello LadiesWhen you think of summer, what comes to mind? For me, it is vacation at the beach or mountains, ice cream, swimming, air-conditioning, fun fruity cocktails, and grilling outside on the patio with my family, plus much more, but I have to stop somewhere! In regard to fashion, I think of sundresses, light airy tops, swimsuits,  white, white and more white and shorts. I used to not like shorts, felt they werent as comfortable as dresses and I didn't feel dressed up enough. However, one can style their shorts to look just as put together as if one had...

Fashion, Link Up / 07.06.2016

 IMG_7597IMG_7593IMG_7608IMG_7605IMG_7619IMG_7615 IMG_7607Hello Ladies!Glad you are here for Turning Heads Tuesday. Another hot day! I am not complaining, but maybe I need to do a "How to Make Pictures Look Great Even with Sweat Pouring Down Your Back" Post!  That is not me today, but I am just preparing for the summer to come. Ha!  Today was another score from H&M. They do have some fun fashions this year, and I couldn't resist the rust color. Ok, that and the off the shoulder fashion. And the two slits in the front to add some sexiness and self-imposed air conditioning.  I bought this during  the Memorial Day weekend sales for $30 shipped.