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Fashion, Link Up / 14.03.2017

Hello friends"The Answer my friend, is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind"... "Bob Dylan. It was one of the most windy days recently, and the question must be. how difficult is it to get pictures when your hair is flying every which way ? We made do, but it can be tricky! Our reward was lunch and a few glasses of wine at Corkscrew, one of our favorite haunts. We brought the pups, but it wasn't the dog party that it was last Sunday when there were 8 dogs on the patio!Today I am wearing one of those things that is considered a staple in every woman's closet, the black fitted blazer. I love this one from Fabrizio Gianni as it has vertical dark stripes and fits quite well. I decided to pair it with a grey textured tee, raw edged denim and a pair of peachy pink snakeskin block heels  This is  a spring look or uniform that one can put together rather easily.
Fashion, Link Up / 07.03.2017

Hi friends!First, I want to thank you all for the well wishes, it means a lot. I have been faring better this week. We went to see "Hidden Figures" and I thought it was fantastic what the women were able to accomplish. I got all teary eyed. When I'm not going out, what keeps me entertained? Well, playing with my pups of course! We played Pillow Ball and Ball in the Blanket. Pillow Ball is when I hide a squeaky ball in between a stack of 4 pillows to be sniffed out, and B N B is kind of self explanatory. They do make me laugh!!Now, I know you must be thinking, "Is there something in Jess' water?"She's wearing jeans 2 weeks in a row! Well, I am still a skirts and dress girl, but love to try jeans every now and then, and boyfriend jeans are my favorite. Im hoping to style some more casual looks on the blog soon.  But let's talk about stylish, comfy shoes for Spring!...
Fashion, Link Up / 28.02.2017

Hello friends,Well, it has been one of those weeks! I am usually "on the ball" when it comes to posts, but I was running behind lately. I had Dry Needling PT yesterday, and had to come home and do photos for the blog. Usually, it is all about the Epsom Salt bath and a heating pad, after those hypodermic needles go in and out of my tensed up, trigger point riddled body, but I suppose "you gotta do, what you gotta do" sometimes, right? Before I get into what I am wearing today, I want to mention I am quite pleased with how my makeup has been looking for pictures. I have tried some new products from Sephora lately, and if you missed my post, see it HERE.
Fashion, Link Up / 21.02.2017

 Hello Ladies,I am going to share with you today my collaboration with a company called, Natalie Attired. Their tagline is:  Smart Style Delivered. First, this post is Sponsored and I was gifted the clothing in the NA box for a post. As always my comments are that of my own and truthful When I was contacted by Natalie Attired, I was interested right away as thought it would be exciting to  see what the process was like, the comprehensive questionnaire that I would fill out in order for a stylist to choose my clothing. Second, it would be a fun surprise to not know what I was getting and to see if what they sent matched my style.  Let me begin by telling you about Natalie Attired.  Natalie Attired is a  LA based company that offers women a chance for "Curated fashion delivered to your doorstep". an exciting boxed subscription service.
Fashion, Link Up / 14.02.2017

Hi Friends!Happy Valentine's Day! I do have to say, we don't usually make a big deal out of it, but we did enjoy an event at near-by Raylan Vineyards this weekend. Wine, truffles, food were all a part of the festivities and you don't need to ask me twice if I want to go! We took the puppies after their grooming day, in their red bandanas, and I was so excited to be out with them sitting outside! One step closer to nicer weather, perhaps.     I am hoping to do some Vineyard reviews and posts on the blog this year, as I have mentioned in the past, we have 90+ vineyards in the NC area, plenty around us and we enjoy bopping around.
Fashion, Link Up / 07.02.2017

Hello friends!Thank you as always for being here for Turning Heads Tuesday. Today is a special as this is my 3rd year of blogging and I am just amazed at so many things about this medium and the friends I have made. First of all, I wanted to dress up for this celebration and am wearing my red lace Tadashi Shoji dress that I wore to Fashion Week several years ago. I thought it aprapo with Valentine's Day coming up, and I don't get as much of a chance to wear this dress , with the exception of certain holidays. I wanted to get my pups, Gibson and Truffles in on the act as they are very special to me as well, so I thought why not?! Kind of a mommy and me post, with puppies, especially with Gibby dressed in his black biker jacket!
Fashion, Link Up / 31.01.2017

Hello FriendsHalleluia! Today is the last day of January, and I am ready to kick this month "to the curb!" Besides the no Vitamin D, gray days and cold temps, lets just say I prefer the upcoming month as a precursor to Spring. Before I go on to talk about today's post, I would love if you stopped by this Friday, when I share my experience with professional teeth whitening, sponsored by a local dentist here..Its not glamorous by any means!